Do you enjoy repeated FAILURE and awkward SILENCE? Perhaps you’ve wanted to embark on a journey that pays NOTHING but costs you all of your natural COMFORT?

Well folks, LOOK NO FURTHER as the answer to those DREAM scenarious are only a quick SIGN UP away at Colorado Springs own…. L.Y.C.O. Comedy School

You probably have a TON of questions about us and what “COMEDY SCHOOL” really is, so lets do this F.A.Q. style from this point on!

HERE IS THE F.A.Q of the L.Y.C.O. Comedy School

What does L.Y.C.O. stand for?

Laugh Your Class Off

What does F.A.Q. stand for?

Geez, what’s up with all these frequently asked questions?

How does L.Y.C.O. Comedy School work?

SIMPLE! We use a CLEAN ONLY style of comedy. ZERO CUSSING.

L.Y.C.O. is your Dagobah Forest (Star Wars reference, look it up, there’s gonna be a lot of em’). Your SAFE place to learn the FORCE of Comedy!

* 3 Unique styles of teaching & experiences from 3 different guides!

* 2 Disciplines: Stand-Up, and IMPROV Comedy!

* 1 Cohesive and supportive CLEAN writing community


Becoming a comedian in the traditional "stand-up comedy" sense is something that you absolutely learn by DOING.

Luckily, here in Colorado Springs we NOW have a COMEDY SCHOOL of sorts. There is no DEGREE program, but you can now enter a world of abstract imagination that will capitalize on your inner awkward, showcase your social-anxieties, that will help you grow, bloom, and realize the extra voices in your head can finally get to work making you money!

Each month we hold 4-5 weeks of classes on Wednesdays from 6-8 at THE SOCIAL, depending on the length of said month.

It’s during that month that you will be guided to create a 3 MINUTE performance piece that you will AUDITION at the end of the month

Each week we break down the 3 MINUTE piece into smaller ONE MINUTE increments.

You will work with your Guides and Laughmates to create 4 jokes a minute each week for 3 weeks. The 4th week you audition your 3 MINUTE piece to get on the COMEDY SHOWCASE that Wednesday night or the following week depending on the length of month!


Classes are only $25 a month and NON-REFUNDABLE. We require that you attend all 4 classes unless for seroius circumstances.


Our classes rely on group participation, and absences will affect your growth, as well as the growth of your laughmates. We ask that you attend every class within the month. If you cannot attend all scheduled classes, we recommend that you wait until you can fully commit. We understand that emergencies happen and conflicts arise. We allow you to miss ONE class. If you miss anymore than that you are automatically not placeable in the end of the month COMEDY SHOWCASE.


Yeah about that…we dont like to look at ourselves as teachers. We consider ourselves “GUIDES”. Like Yoda, Obi-Won, and YES, we are referrencing STAR WARS again. It just makes too much sense!

Jedd Hafer: Stand-Up Comic, Improv Player, National Speaker

Papi Sorrels: Stand-Up Comic, National Talent Buyer / Producer

Trip Uhault: IMPROV Comic and Media Professor at UCCS & PPCC


Those would be your CLASS MATES, but since we’re not teachers and you guys aren’t students, we decided on LAUGHMATES?

All funny aside, they are really your writing buddies. WE ALL ARE!


Yes! It is a collaborative effort. Many working comedians swear by the value of collaboration. People who just write material at a computer sound too literary. You want to create material in the presence of another human being, so you can see how it affects someone elses face. You can hone your on-stage persona in front of a live audience, getting immediate feedback and learning what does and what does not work in real time.

In addition to helping you write, WE (your GUIDES) perform on stage with you!


Heck yeah! We need to stay sharp too! We figure if we are in the fire with you, we all have the same skin in the game. Who wants to hear a bunch of blow-hards that “theorize” about comedy or constantly judge everyone else. NOPE, not us, we are in it WITH you too!

We will get critiqued as well!
Critiques challenge you to learn to sharpen your skills, and a network of friends and collaborators can stimulate your creative juices to think BEYOND what you already know.


Keep in mind the old adage, “comedy is born out of failure”. In comedy we ALL fail. Rest assured, that EVERY comedian you have ever admired has failed before and will fail again. The reason they are pros is becasue they are not afraid to do so.


You dont have to be in college to pull this off, have fun, or even pursue a career in comedy. Rodney Dangerfield, Ricky Gervais, Phyllis Diller, Larry David and Lisa Lampanelli are just a few examples of famous comedians that started very late.

Besides, you may find that its a cheaper therapy to let out whats inside you. RELEASE THE BEAST, and learn to CORRALL your crazy. Never hurts to increase your humor factor and make fun while we name all of our issues.


The most challenging comedy to write is CLEAN.
The MOST bookable and money making comedy is CLEAN.
What you learn here is avaialble to take with you ANYWHERE. But while you are with us, you will be brought up to not use CUSSING as a crutch to get to your punchlines. You will learn to use accidental and spontaneous BRILLIANCE.

We are TRULY and HONESTLY proud that we can produce 100’s of clean and workable comedians and IMPROV players. It makes us available to EVERYONE and EVERY JOB.
And if making a living is what you pursue with this, then you will LOVE all the work that will come your way because of it. Humor should be like a rubber sword – it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.”


Standup comedy is an art form of EXPRESSION because it is often born out of a single person.

On the surface, you may think that a comedian tells jokes. While this is true, what they really do is SURPRISE people. Something is funny precisely because it is SO surprising – this is true of most of the best jokes you've heard during your life.

The operative word in the term "punchline" is "punch" – at the end of a joke you're being hit in the face with something you didn't see coming, which is where laughter comes from in the first place.

Comedians are nothing if not masters of language. Putting an emphasis on one word over another or even just pronouncing a word in a unique way can completely change the meaning and impact of a joke, which makes language perhaps the most important weapon in the comedian's arsenal.

You simply need to be able to take an idea and convey it in a funny way, which itself requires you to understand WHY something is funny in the first place. The best comedy isn’t just funny. It also serves a higher purpose in becoming social commentary that makes people think. The role comedy plays in holding up a mirror and forcing us to confront realities that we would often prefer to ignore.

Look, if you want to be successful, overcome fear, be the center of attention, manipulate or capitalize on your awkward, gain the confidence or a seasoned performer, or make bi-polar cool again then L.Y.C.O. Comedy School is for you.

If this informatoin has helped, the next step is DOING IT. So welcome to our house of crazy and prepare to fill out your FOOL MENTAL JACKET FILE at your FIRST class. But for now….its time to fill out your infomation and drop $25 on May with your credit or debit card and invest in your funny.
Ezra 10:4

Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it!!!!

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